Team Mayhem: The Right Snacks

One of the most important parts of D&D games are the snacks. Without the right nibbles, it can make sessions downright hostile. Additionally, it is said that if there’s not the appropriate offerings, DM’s will display their wrath upon the players by making things like ordering a pint from the tavern way more difficult than they need to be (like you’ll need to roll a DC 50 to order a pint from the tavern your troop has holed up in).

So what does Team Mayhem do for their snackage? We do full on dinner parties for our games.

We rotate whose home we are playing at and typically, the hosts will prepare a meal. Some of our past game day foods include lasagna, Indian tacos, pot stickers and eggrolls, venison roast, pizza, and chili. On top of those really delicious meals, the others will bring along desserts, chips, veggie trays, and alcohol (usually mead).

Is it over the top? Sure. Could we just all bring bags of chips and soda and call it a day? Eh. Not really. We tend to play for a really long time (seriously, 7-8 hour sessions is the average for our group) and most of us really like to cook. A homemade lasagna sounds better than take out any day for us.

Having a full on meal before we start playing also gives us a chance to catch up and re-establish our connections not only to each other, but our characters too. It makes for more engaging interactions, in my humble.

What does your group do for food on game day?