Have a Nice Trip - See You Next Autumn

Throughout September and October, the Vaughn blogs are going to change-up in honor of that most wondrous of times - the celebration of Halloween.

Some of the blogs will be the In Defense Of theme of the fairy tale blogs, but will focus on ghost stories and horror movies.

The other half of the blogs will be a part of a shameless promotion of a new book coming from FSF Publications, Fable of the Immortals. The book takes place in Arizona at several locations with their own superstitions and creepy stories and there will be blogs about traveling to these spots.

*Side note: There isn't really Autumn in Phoenix. There's slightly cooler weather and by November the wildflowers start to die. If you have some way to send Autumn to us, please do. Most people here think it only exists in Hallmark movies and Joann craft stores.