Random Arizona Facts

Last week, I did a Valentine’s related post on Valentine’s Day instead of my normal Arizona’s Birthday post. But you did not escape - muwahahahahaha. But I also have little time this week, so I’m phone this blog in as a list. Here it is, a list about random things in Arizona that even sometimes Arizona residents don’t believe:

  1. London Bridge (the one from the song) is here. It was brought brick by brick by someone with too much money and time on their hands.

  2. A David Hasselhoff movie with filmed at London Bridge over Lake Havasu where he had to battle the ghost of Jack the Ripper. You know you want to look it up now.

  3. The squirrels at the Grand Canyon carry plague, but we have a cure for that now so … I guess it’s okay?

  4. Donkeys can’t sleep in bathtubs. It’s the law, man. Actually, it’s not any longer, but no one ever bothered to really have it disputed.

  5. Women had the right to vote in local elections before Arizona even became a state (that’s right, it used to be slightly more liberal here).

  6. Dick Van Dyke lives here.

  7. It’s not illegal to refuse someone a drink of water - but it should be and most people think it’s the law so let’s just keep it that way.

  8. The Gunfight at the OK Corral was super short and didn’t even happen IN the corral (it was in a nearby vacant lot). But Doc Holiday can still be your huckleberry.

  9. The first college in the U.S. built on a reservation was Navajo Community College.

  10. A group of German-Nazis being held in Papago Park in 1944 tried to escape down a river, then discovered it had no water and were re-captured. Suck it, Nazis!