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Ghosts...Werewolves...Vampires...Oh my!


The floors creak. Fog rolls down the halls. Windows are blackened to keep out the sunshine. People lock their doors against what could be in the room next to them. But there is no such thing as a haunted there?
After a storm leaves her home demolished, Dory moves into the ground floor of a mysterious old apartment building. She wants nothing to do with the colorful neighbors around her and has no interest in the building's history. However, when she discovers a mistake in her lease, Dory must travel up through building in search of the landlord. What she uncovers are a series of horrors she never thought existed. As Dory faces the many monsters hidden behind apartment doors, she must come to terms with her own choices throughout her life. Becoming the target of the wickedest resident in the building, what starts as a simple trip upstairs will become an arduous journey into fear and realization.

With the help of an amnesiac ghost, a cavalier vampire, and an agoraphobic werewolf, Dory learns what her new home has to offer in this humorous paranormal adventure story remonstrant of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.