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Megan E. Vaughn

Megan E. Vaughn needed a way to stop her childhood imaginary friends from constantly talking within her head...so she chose writing. She traveled as much as she could, mostly to places of historical significance, in order to escape the Phoenix heat.

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The Emerald Door

Off to see the landlord?

Having a mistake in your lease fixed should be easy, unless you live in Dory’s building.  With the help an amnesiac ghost, an emotionally muddled vampire, and an agoraphobic werewolf, she faces the supernatural dangers of each floor and staircase.  You’ll never complain about your neighbors again after reading this unique adventure/parody.


Warbirds of Mars: Stories of the Fight

Warbirds of Mars is a thrilling Neo-pulp/retro science fiction webcomic created and illustrated by SCOTT P. ‘DOC’ VAUGHN and written by KANE GILMOUR. It begins in 1948, four years since the ‘Martians’ (as the invaders are called) attacked the earth, occupying much of the major cities of the world. The resistance forces struggle to re-unite the ragged/ dispersed militaries of the planet in the hopes of fighting back with new technology.

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