When Fictional Characters Rebel

Let me just say that I can’t be held responsible for most of the contents of this blog. You see, I am not a bloggy type person. They are fun and entertaining, but not really my style. At least, not on any sort of consistent basis. I do have my random outbursts that could be considered blog entries, but they are unpredictable at best.

My characters, however, believe a blog is the perfect outlet between stories to stretch their legs so to speak. This will give them a chance to interact with the outside world and as such, they have made it abundantly clear that this blog is for them.

Being a writer is kind of like having schizophrenia in that there are voices in our heads that sometimes just won’t shut up until we give them what they want. In this instance, a blog.

The characters will change (most want their own turn) and the topics will vary. Honestly, I am not sure what they want to discuss.

I hope you enjoy what I am sure will be an absolute rollercoaster of a blog. Please remember I’m only writing what the voices tell me to.