Ask Azra: Career Advice

Hey Azra,

I’m a junior in highschool. There’s a lot of pressure to choose my future career. The problem is that I have no idea what I want to do. How can I decide the course of my entire life when I’m only sixteen?

Undeclared Future of the World.


Dear Undeclared,

What do you mean you haven’t decided on your career yet? Why is it taking you so long? You only have one more year left before officially starting your life. You have to get this right and you can’t change your mind. Ever.

Make sure you choose something that is critical to human existence, but isn’t so popular that the work force will be flooded with applicants. You need to be in demand and unique, offering something that humans can’t do without such as coopers or telephone operators.

The future is coming at you fast. Better choose quickly and wisely.

Jack of All Trades,