Team Mayhem- Adding New Players

While I haven’t necessarily been blogging about our continued D&D adventures, I assure you they are still happening. Team Mayhem has made it back to Water Deep and saw it being ravaged by the opposing forces (and a huge red dragon). To which the group said “F*&$ that!” and promptly went the opposite direction to Never Winter.

Along the way, we picked up a couple more players- our friends Jill and Ryan, fresh from their honeymoon. The Keebler Coalition now has a Dragon Born Paladin of Bahamut named Narexius Balthazar and a dwarf druid named Keelya (so sorry if I didn’t get these right...) with an affinity for hand carved trees.

While I was super happy about Jill and Ryan joining our group, I was also kinda nervous about integrating new players. I didn’t want to overwhelm our DM and I wasn’t sure how the game play would change with two more people. Turns out, I was worried about nothing. Having them in the game feels natural and, honestly, it’s like they’ve always been a part of the group.

We’ve successfully not killed them like the murder hobos we tend to be. My fingers are crossed that they stick around and adventure with us for a while because they both add much amusement and dynamic depth to our intrepid group. Who knows? Maybe with them along for the ride, our group will grow out of the murder hobo phase.