My First Ever Writers Retreat!

Finding time to write seems to be more and more of a challenge lately. I mean, there’s the day job, cooking, cleaning, and other adulting-type responsibilities on top of having some sort of social life and family obligations.

That’s when it hit us. Sidney, Megan, and I had the idea to do something truly radical to get those much craved hours of writing in; we would go on a writers retreat.

Now, from what I understand a proper writers retreat involves a lot of writers, scheduled panels, etc. This one was strictly DIY and with the express purpose of actually writing. No internet, no phones, laptops only for typing, the whole deal.

So we rented a cabin up in Prescott and we went up on a Friday afternoon. It was a beautiful, TINY cabin on the side of a mountain. And then we wrote. For hours. Until we fell asleep with our pens in hand and then we woke up and started up again.

It was one of the most productive weekends writing I’ve had in a long time.

So what was I working on all weekend? Well, the long awaited book 3 of the Angel’s Prophecy series. This one is called Age of the Daughter and it’s off to an amazing start. My goal is to finish the rough draft by the end of the year. I think between this and Nanowrimo, I will have a good chance of making that goal.

I am really lucky to have a close knit group of writer friends willing to go into the woods without internet or a TV and with the sole purpose of writing.

I can’t wait to go again next year!


Oh! And we saw a bear!