Book Publishers Day

Apparently, yesterday was Book Publishers Day and although I saw this come up on several "unusual holiday calendars” I can’t find out what exactly it is. As a book publisher, I had decided to come up with my own definition, or three definitions as the case may be.

  1. Just like Administrative Assistants Day, this could be a good time to take the book publishers in your life out to lunch. Might I suggest in a place dark and not too-crowded in case the book publisher you are treating is also a writer and, therefor, prone to anxiety in certain social situations.

  2. Read through a guide about how a book is published. This will give you more appreciation to the work that goes into your favorite novel or self-help book and make you less critical of typos. Might I suggest our guide found on this and Sidney Reetz’s websites.

  3. Write a review of an independently published work. In fact, forget definitions one and two. Do this! A review is the most helpful thing you can give on this very vague of holidays.