Songs to Inspire Vampirism

As I work on the 2nd draft of my vampire/adventure novel, I am presenting a part of my playlist for this work of fiction. Pease note, I am not in association with any of these artists and I do not own any of these songs. I am also not technically promoting nor do I work for any of the mentioned artists. These songs are for you to find and listen to at your own leisure or not. Up to you. *In other words: No one sue me, please and thank you.

1. “Cherry Bomb” performed by the Runaways

     All playlists should have one kick-butt, strong female anthem. It might seem like a cliché, but sometimes you just need some late 70’s rock to get a character’s butt in gear.

2. “Classy Girls” performed by the Lumineers

     If one doesn’t have a 30s standard or jazz piece in a writing playlist, chances are folk rock will fill the void. “Classy Girls” is also a good response to Cherry Bomb. All rebellions need a little reminder of respectable behavior when the time calls for it.

3. “I Hung my Head” performed by Johnny Cash

     This is a soulful, emotional tale of violence and remorse which helps fuel the backstory of one particular character. Some characters just crave angst.

4. “Blank Space/Style” cover performed by Louisa Wendoff ft. Devin Dawson

     What? I know it’s a cover of two Taylor Swift songs! It totally fits with something in the book. I can like a Taylor Swift cover if I want. Stop judging me!

5. “Lucy’s Party” composed by Wojciech Kilar from the Bram Stoker’s Dracula score

     I have no logical explanation for this choice.

6. “Diplomat’s Son” performed by Vampire Weekend

     Again, just a good song. No specific theme here at all . . . nope. None.

7. “Vampires in Blue Dresses” performed by Margot and the Nuclear So-So’s

     “Vampires” is in the title and it’s a good song. Get off my back!