Fellow Writers of Phoenix

This is more of a question than a blog. Those of you who are writers, whether established or aspiring, many like to seek inspiration by getting outside and experiencing. Lots of us get our best ideas by people-watching in parks, airports, stores, and other places where we could be mistaken for creepers.

For those of you who live in in the sweltering "Valley of the Sun", where the dry heat makes living in an oven impossible to leave the house during daylight hours, we want to hear from you. How do you seek inspiration during the long 110 degree days? What's the most creative way you can get out and continue your inspirational process in the midst of avoiding mirages and seeking out water?

Submit your answers either in the comments below or send them to our e-mail fivesmilingfish@gmail.com. The more interesting the strategy, the better. All of those who submit an idea will be sent a link to preview one of our upcoming books and be entered into a drawing for a prize! Submit your ideas by July 15th to be elegible.