Halloween in June Results

I did it! Had Halloween in June! There were costumes and pumpkins. . . Actually, I couldn't get a decent pumpkin so I just stabbed some holes into the biggest orange I could find. And everyone I know said it was too hot for full costumes, so most people just wore bed sheets over their clothes. Then the cops were called because the neighbors reported that we were having a frat party and throwing candy at their children. The police showed up after we had turned off the lights in order to play with a Ouiji Board. We told the officers that there was nothing to worry about, unless they wanted to help us catch the demon we'd accidentally released. I laughed. The police laughed. The demon laughed. And then I don't really remember what happened after that. But I have to say, based on the way my house looked when I woke up, it must have been successful. Now, if I could just figure out who left behind their hat and severed head.